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"Who, after all, speaks today of the annihilation of the Armenians?"


A white guy is walking along a beach when he comes across a lamp partially buried in the sand.   He picks up the lamp and gives it a rub. Two blonde genies appear and they tell him he has been granted three wishes. The guy makes his three wishes and the blonde genies disappear.

The next thing the guy knows, he's in a bedroom, in a mansion surrounded by 50 beautiful women. He makes love to all of them and begins to explore the house.   Suddenly he feels something soft under his feet. He looks down and the floor is covered in 100 dollar bills.

    Then, there is a knock at the door.   He answers the door and standing there are two persons dressed in Ku Klux Klan outfits. They drag him outside to the nearest tree, throw a rope over a limb and hang him by the neck until he is dead. The Klansmen walk off. As they are walking away, they remove their hoods; it's the two blonde genies.   One blonde genie says to the other one:   "Hey, I can understand the first wish having all these beautiful women in a big mansion to make love to.  I can also understand him wanting to be a millionaire.  But to be hung like a black man is beyond me!"


An archaeology student finds an ancient bottle with two genies inside on a day trip to Lake Mead (in Nevada).   After being granted 3 wishes his life changes. (drama xxxx minutes. graphic violence, adult situation/nudity, adult language- R-rated)

The Genesis of Two Blond Genies.

Two blonde genies (TBG) came into being from a conversation a friend of mine was having with a guy in a chat room on the subject of baseball. They were having a discussion about players, teams, salaries, salary caps, at which point the guy went on an angry rant about owners of major league teams being parasites, all were basically greedy Jews or controlled by Jews and it was a conspiracy to undermine the American way of life by ruining an American born pastime. This chat room guy went on and on of his contempt for Jews ending his statement with, "The one thing Jews and I have in common is we both hate Adolf Hitler, I hate Hitler also, I hate a man that doesn't finish his work."

He then said to my friend, "what is the difference between a Jew and a pizza, well a pizza doesn't scream when you stick it in the oven." He then sent the chat room shorthand, 'lmao' meaning, laughing my ass off. At this point my friend (African) told him he had enough, didn't like the conversation, and thought he was a racist piece of shit, etc. The chat room guy didn't know he was a black man, and went on to asked him what kind of American was he, to which he replied a black one. He then went on to call all blacks countless lazy bastards, criminal class, not very bright, etc. Then he sent him, "hey nigger boy, what's yellow and black and screams, a bus load of niggers going over a cliff". Again followed by chat room shorthand, 'rotflmao,' which means, rolling on the floor laughing my ass off.

My friend was pretty upset about all this and replied again how he thought he was a waste of human space to which the guy just sent other racial jokes (4 more) of which TBG's was the last. My friend forwarded it to me and here we stand today, the birth of Two Blonde Genies.

What I hope to show in TBG is how such things as wholesale murder, genocide have been reduced to banality.   In order to better expound on the nature of the chat room guys vulgar humor I'll need a subject around which to tell what underlies jokes like these, so I decided to use the genocide of at least 1,800,000 Armenians from 1884-1923, by the Ottoman Turks and Kemalist to do so.

Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, first President of the Republic of Turkey. Mustafa Kemal Atatürk finalized the eradication of what remained of the Armenian population in the former Ottoman Empire. In a 1926 interview for the Los Angeles Examiner, Atatürk confessed knowledge of the 'millions' of Armenians murdered in the genocide during WWII, but blames it on Enver Pasha, Taalat Pasha and Djemal Pasha.

Through one character name Zeek (Zeek is a goth guy) we'll see how wholesale murder is trivialized into entertainment. Although he isn't a main character, Zeek is a lot like all of us in some ways, we tend to trivialized violent things in society that don't touch us firsthand.   I needed him to be that us who observes blood and gore as if we're watching some horror flick for our amusement. My endeavor will be to tell how funny the chat room guys blonde genie joke isn't, and to info those who are unaware of the Armenian genocide (along with thousands of Assyrians and Greeks by the Ottomans) at the turn of the 20th century in the process.

Enver Pasha, Minister of War

Taalat Pasha, Minister of the Interior
Djemal Pasha, Minister of the Marine (Navy)

To do so I'll need a starting point, that point will be the Ottoman Empire in the late 18th century under the brutal reign of Sultan Abdulhamid II. I'll be moving the original blonde genies joke around somewhat, replacing the genie lamp with a genie bottle. I'll make the main character Cameron Boyce two different people physically (Cameron 1 who finds the bottle in Lake Mead, Nevada 2003, is a haggard looking kinda guy, however after his wishes are granted he is the physical person he has always dreamt of being (Cameron 2 is slightly older but better looking, taller, fit).   He'll actually have more then 3 wishes but I'll put them under the umbrella of one wish at a time.

Human history tells us no crimes of this magnitude have ever happened without some level of premeditation on the part of the perpetrators. A nation doesn't walk blindly forward making its mind up about these kinds of events as it goes along, that notion is absurd.   The Armenian Genocide, perpetrated by the Ottoman Turks, was choreographed at the highest levels of the Ottoman Empire. Aside from the murder of 300,000 Armenians citizens of the Ottoman Empire by Sultan Abdulhamid II, The chief architects of the much larger Armenian Genocide conducted 20 years after Abdulhamid II, were Enver Pasha, Taalat Pasha and Djemal Pasha. What happened to a million and a half Armenians under their triumvirate, was later carefully studied by the Germans. In fact, the German high command assisted their allies, the Ottoman Turks in implementing the Armenian genocide. There is documented proof that German generals who served as members of the military mission in Turkey ordered some of the Armenian mass deportations.

German Ambassador to the Ottoman Empire, Baron von Wagenheim (right) to American Ambassador to the Ottoman Empire Henry Morganthau.

"I shall do nothing for the Armenians."

The Holocaust was later pulled from the Ottoman Turks play book by Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich, and used as a blueprint for the far more efficient genocide of Jews in WWII. It was Adolf Hitler who said, "Who, after all, speaks today of the annihilation of the Armenians?" The only thing that changed regarding the Holocaust of the Jews of Europe was the efficiency of the killing methods and the date -- otherwise it was the same ugly song, on a different day. Through TBG, I'll expound on former president of Iraq, Saddem Hussein's claim to the country known as Kuwait (province 19 as many Iraqi's still refer to it) and both nations historical significance having both been part of the Ottoman Empire.

Two Blonde Genies. a Allen Deddi Merion film

Part 1 of 3:

Sultan AbdulHamid II

It is the year 1883 in the Ottoman Empire; the location is Topkapi Palace, the summer residence of Sultan AbdulHamid II, soon to be known as the Red Sultan for the indiscriminate slaughter of 300,000 Armenians citizens in the Ottoman Empire between 1894-1896, predating the genocide that took the lives of a 1,500,000 Armenians during WWI. The genie bottle is the possession of the Sultan and it is stolen by an Armenian domestic servant who flees his meager life with only the cloths on his back, several ornate bottles and a few other trinkets (a jewel encrusted pistol, a bedazzling woman's ring with diamonds & rubies, a few silver and gold coins) he has stolen from the Sultan's summer palace. The Armenian servant (Artun, a Christian) is an impoverish man, the typical domestic in most aspects. Surrounded by ostentatious wealth he succumbs to the many temptations and steals the bottles, trinkets, etc and flees Turkey across the northern desert of Iraq and into Kuwait (where the bottle will be found by an American soldier of Desert Storm in 1991 some one hundred years and eight years later). A Mullah (chief aid to the Sultan) summons a Captain (Captain Kurteom) in the Sultan's personal guards. He orders Captain Kurteom to hunt down the Armenian domestic and retrieve the bottles and all other possessions of the Sultan. Kurteom's orders are to find him and make an example of him as a future deterrent to others who might think to commit similar acts in the future. However, the mullah doesn't tell the Captain of the magical powers one particular bottle possesses, only it is of much value to the Sultanate and that its beauty has been sullied by the Armenian and the offense to the empire must be avenged.